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Fennix XT S



Beginner to Intermediate Ski

The Fennix XT S is the perfect ski for those that want to paddle at a slightly more advanced level whilst still retaining good balance. Like all the new Fennix boats the XT S has the response and feel of elite-level skis while offering a very stable platform for ocean paddling.

The original Fenn XT brought out over a decade ago is where many of today’s ocean paddlers started. This gave people the ability to get into ocean paddling, in what at the time, was a domain dominated by unstable surf skis. 

We think this is the perfect skis for those seeking ultimate surf ability, solid stability and good flatwater speed.

The Fennix XT S sits between the Fennix Blue-Fin S and Fennix Swordfish S range of skis.

The Fennix XT S sits between the Fennix Blue-Fin S and Fennix Swordfish S in terms of speed and stability. 



Length:  5.81m

Width:   49cm

Seat Width:   40.5cm



Construction Options and Pricing

Glass Vac – 14.0 kg – $3,350

Hybrid – 12.5 kg – $4,150

Carbon – 11.0 kg – $5,050

*Weights are approximate and may vary slightly.


Glass Vac

  • Vacuum bagged fibreglass, vinylester resin.
  • Fenn vacuum bag all layups which give a consistent weight and even spread of resin throughout the ski. The glass vac layup offers the customer an affordable ski.  


  • Vacuum bagged fibreglass/carbon, epoxy resin.
  • The Hybrid layup uses a special layer of carbon and fibreglass interwoven fabric along with another layer of fiberglass. This layup creates strength while reducing weight enabling a more affordable product. There is very little difference between full carbon and hybrid layups in weight making this layup a first class racing product.


  • Vacuum bagged carbon, epoxy resin.
  • This layup is the premium layup for these types of craft. Carbon and epoxy are used and vacuum bagged to create the lightest and stiffest craft possible. 
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