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DIMENSIONS (L X W): 3800 X 600 mm WEIGHT: 17 KG

DESIGNED FOR: Manoeuvrability, speed and stability

The OzPaddle Enduro is available in either Standard or ruddered ‘XTR’ configuration. It is designed as a lightweight training ski that features outstanding manoeuvrability and speed whilst retaining great stability.

Designed as a compact racing ski / iron man ski, it is the ultimate surf and wave riding ski. This ski is perfect for fitness and ocean paddling and will appeal to more experienced paddlers or a persistent beginner. The XTR features an adjustable rudder system in place of the Standard’s fixed fin arrangement, and both models feature adjustable foot stretchers.

The Standard model has a RRP of $1090.00

The XTR model has a RRP of $1,330.00

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